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She blinded me with silents…

Just a note as to how Silent L.A. works. I blog every now and then but the real feature of this site is the calendar section. If you’re new here, that’s probably where you’ll want to go first. It’s really the whole point of this site: a listing of all the silent movie screenings in the Los Angeles & surrounding Southern California area.

Silent L.A. is also on Twitter so you can stay up to date on screenings that way as well. I usually update the Twitter feed the day-of or the day-before a screening so if you want advance notice, this is the place to be.

I’m also adding other services such as a list of silent films on Netflix and silent films available through YouTube’s “Openflix” channel. Bookmark us, subscribe to us, follow us – do whatever you’ve got to do to not forget about us!

Daniel; the culprit behind Silent Los Angeles