Mankind is over. Enjoy the Silents

The killer quake comes on the 19th of this month and end of the world is scheduled for the 21st. These two films shown at The Aero Theatre in Santa Monica may well be the last silents ever screened in Los Angeles. Here’s your chance to make history this Thursday…or what’s left of it…

THE UNKNOWN, 1927, MGM Repertory, 63 min, Melodrama/Horror, USA. Armless circus performer Lon Chaney falls for stunning, scantily clad bareback rider Joan Crawford (who, conveniently, is pathologically terrified of mens hands) in this typically haunting Tod Browning melodrama. Burt Lancaster once praised Chaneys performance in this film as the most emotionally compelling work ever committed to celluloid.

THE UNHOLY THREE, 1925, MGM Repertory, 86 min, Horror/Melodrama, USA. One of director Tod Brownings earliest evocations of death, perversity and deformity, this silent masterpiece follows a crime syndicate comprised of a dwarf, a strongman and a ventriloquist (as the latter, Lon Chaney dresses up as a woman in one of the many instances of transvestism in Brownings ouevre). Live musical accompaniment during both films.


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